How to Contact Pogo Games Technical Support Number | Pogo Customer Support

We will discuss here how you can directly contact Pogo Support through their official website. People who wants to Contact Pogo Customer Support must read this article fully to contact them. Pogo Games have more than 10 million registered users including Free Users And Club Pogo Members. Most of us when having an issue related to account or games we never got the right person to talk. If you can’t reach the right person you can’t get the solution to your problem. When we search on the internet we get so many toll free numbers and pogo websites who are actually the third party for Pogo Support.

In March 2001 EA Sports i.e. Electronic Arts took over Pogo games so they are the owner of Pogo games. After verifying some basic details and questions you will be able to get connected to them. The only thing you will have to take in mind that select the category right to connect with right EA representative.

By following these steps you can get the actual EA Sports representative within few minutes. So let’s start the process to reach them-

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Contact Pogo Customer Support or Pogo Customer Service Live Chat

1. Please visit the Website  And then click on Contact Us.

2. You will get next screen where you need to Select Pogo Game. Most of the time it is auto selected.

3. In this same page, it will ask the platform that you are using to play Pogo Games. Please select the right device on which you access your Pogo games mostly. We are choosing PC as our platform to proceed for next step.

4. In your next step, you will have to select the topic according to your choice. For example, if someone wants to connect Pogo Support for their account related issue then choose “Manage My account” option in given topics.

5. After selecting your Topic you will get the option to choose your related Issue. In this case, we are selecting “Manage Account Details“. Then click on the blue button at the bottom “Select Contact Option“.

6. On your next screen, if your pogo account is already logged in you will redirect directly to step 7. If your pogo account is not logged in please go ahead and put the details of your Pogo Account.

7. Now will get the option to Chat with EA representative. You have a choice to request a call from them after filling information but I would recommend choosing CHAT option to get instant solution. For initiating a chat with the representative please click on “+” as shown in the image.

8. Then you will get a box to put a suitable subject related to your issue. After filling this final information “CHAT NOW” button will get blue in color on the bottom.

9. Click on “CHAT NOW” button and you are connected with Official EA Support Team.

Pogo Games Technical Support Number

Hence by following these 9 simple steps and peace of mind, you will reach the right team for your Pogo Issue.

Also, there is no Direct Toll-free number for Pogo Support so this is the best method to reach them or you can call the third party for instant help who Support Pogo Games related technical issues.

If you still need any help or want to Contact us then you can write us here-CONTACT US

People are enjoying New HD Games Launched by EA and lots more new games are on its ways. Some people are facing some issues with new launch of these HD Games but EA gave the best platform to play their favorite games in HD version.

We Hope this May Help You to Contact Pogo Customer Support And Fix your Pogo Game Issues.


34 responses to “How to Contact Pogo Games Technical Support Number | Pogo Customer Support”

  1. salvatore Avatar

    I hope this is the right site to get help I have been here 4 1/2 hr. and many different people including internet explorer

  2. john Avatar

    i need to pay my past due club pogo membership when i put my password in it tells me wrong password since they changed to ea ihave not played games for about 3 months i want not to lose my badges to chat what is the charge ty

  3. Mary Ann Otis Avatar

    I have been trying for 2 mos. to get someone to talk to me about my account getting hacked. I have tried a lot of nos. for pogo and EA to no avail. tried to submit in writing to EA would not let me submit . I have been a member of Club Pogo for almost 10 yrs. Now my profile says I have only been a member since 2016. HELP

  4. colette dellavalle Avatar

    i play scrable all the time but since a week my game is blocked it say adobe flash player is blocked can you me thank you

  5. gayle taylor Avatar
    gayle taylor

    I cannot log into my pogo account. why?

  6. Ms Johnson Avatar

    My list of problems are too complicated for me to relate to you. First of all, when I started with pogo some years ago I did not keep a record of the “passwords” I used or the “sign in names” with what password. What I would like to do is start all over with new sign in and new password. I am currently on windows 7 and IE.

  7. Don Kramer Avatar

    I have been having problems in renewing my pogo account. The problem is the card listed has expired and I have not been able to supply the new information. the credit card listed has a expiration date of 3/19. New card has the same number as the one listed EXCEPT the correct expiration date of 3/22 Please make the necessary changes so that I can continue to enjoy pogo fun and games.

    Thank you

  8. Alex Vaughn Avatar

    please dont take pinochle aways my dad 95 yrs old he plays pinochle on my accouh t every day if u take it away he has nothing plreasez leave it alone please

  9. Frances Avatar

    Hello Good Evening. My Pogo Screen Name is Red********1030. Today I learned that my Club Account has been ” banned ” but the big question is ” WHY ” ??? I don’t bother nor harass others, I just get online to work Badges just about each evening after work to relax and unwind. Can I please get a response back as to what happened to my Pogo Account and why I got banned ?? Is a big mistake somewhere or they got my Screen Name confused with someone else. Thank You and have a very blessed day.

  10. Anna Marie Brandariz Avatar

    Yes, I have been a member for years. I pay $39.99 per year. However, I have trying for 2 days to get on
    Pogo Exclusive Games. I have reset my password as requested. Please help me. I am 76 yrs old and don’t
    know too much about the computer.
    Please help me. Thank you.

  11. THELMA S ALLEN Avatar

    forgot my users name and password

  12. Sandra Wilson Avatar

    Club Pogo, I have been a member for a number of years and am having problems accessing my account. I got an email saying my card ending in 4611 is expiring and it is NOT. Expires 2021. I reset my password as instructed but when I try to log in it says not valid. Please help as I am paying for this and am locked out.

  13. vera kohlhoff Avatar

    had my email changed now i can not get into club pogo

  14. Shirley Panagiotakos Avatar

    why cant I play in Pogo after all these years ???? never had a hard time before WHY WHY ??

  15. Ron Tallent Avatar

    I am unable to sign on, can not access pogo site

  16. ron mella Avatar

    why can’t I sign in have been a member since 2005 and I can’t sign in thank you

  17. Carol Davis Avatar

    pogo will not load its just a black screen

  18. Mary Ann Hess Avatar

    Trying to fix my account. Put all info for payment. Zipcode is wrong in red. I put right info in . What is problem. AND I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE # TO TALK TO REAL PERSON!!!

  19. al hamandi Avatar

    Is there any update for First Class Solitaire? If yes, please advise me how to do it

  20. Liz Matte Avatar

    I am trying to get into pogo and can not is there a problem on your end?

  21. KAREN WOOD Avatar


  22. Connie Shaffer Avatar

    can not get into

  23. terry Avatar

    I keep getting this message. Can’t connect securely to this page
    This might be because the site uses outdated or unsafe TLS security settings. If this keeps happening, try contacting the website’s owner. what do I need to do to fix this because I cant play my games

  24. joe toth Avatar

    attempting to connect to from multiple pcs and browsers receiving
    an error occurredduring a connection to PR-CONNECT_RESET_ERROR
    the authenticity of the received data could not be verified

  25. vickie Avatar

    please call me ive tried to get in after 10yrs I wanted to be a member again but it wont take my pw

  26. rebecca fuller Avatar

    again trying to load spades hd please fix this why is it broje all the time trying just ton play spades will not load happens every day why?june 1 2020

  27. Darlene Avatar

    I do not know weather this the right place I am not in favor of you or the company that you sold too! because one of the games that you and they are going to discontinue is Bingo Luau! but I am disappointed!

  28. rebecca fuller Avatar

    please fix hd spades we all have been trying to play it will not load june16 fix it

  29. Barbara Yarber Avatar

    cant sign in for days now. change my password. still nothing. tired of paying money for this. FIX IT

  30. Jean Eisenwinter Avatar

    my games tell me I do not meet the age requirement. I have tried a different browser but got the exact same message. I am a paying customer.

  31. Marylou Sakosky Avatar

    THANK YOU THANK YOU … I am back …i love this site. It worked for me. You are a awesome bunch who care for the fellow player thank you again.

  32. arleen cogoni Avatar

    I get message all the time cant load game

  33. Rhoda Shustrin Avatar
    Rhoda Shustrin

    There used to be a link to complain about another player. I am unable to find it now…

    PostedPlaces410 was beyond. He called me a “f ing” cheater and a c nt,, and more than that until I finally muted him,,

    He stated that I had left a table in canasta, only that is not true. When I asked for a game pogo placed me there.
    Then he waited on his turns until the timer was down to one second, over and over, to annoy me.

    You used to throw people off. If you can check the conversation please do. Noone should have to take that abuse and use such foul language.
    Please respond to me and don’t ignore this complaint.

  34. Beverly Ponder Avatar

    my pogo account has been down for a week. it says my credentials have expired. i need help, please. ive called support and they were no help. ive paid for a year and ide like my account fixed as soon as possible.

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